Sunday, 29 June 2008

The UK's Registration Updates

Now it is updated and to its most recent news of the UK ceremony.

The church ceremony is at St. John's of Baptist City Parish to start about 3.00 p.m.
Dinner is at Gilby's @ Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff to start about 6.30 p.m.
Whilst, the invitation cards are ready and we are in the midst of delivering them. While the psalm and songs, we are downloading them and hope to burn them onto a CD by the next few days. Besides that, flowers are to be picked up from the florists the day before. I guess that's about it. Menu is finalised next week when the restaurant comes back with a definite menu and to left to the guests to choose and get back to the restaurant.

Whilst, here I upload some pictures of the best man and the maid of honour!

Maid of Honour : Michelle Ong, all the way from Manchester to be the maid of honour. The bride's bestie since they were both 13. Someone who is almost a replica of the bride, herself.

Best Man : Andy, the groom's friend when he was back in Malaysia. A good friend who spent lots of time with him when he was in Malaysia.

Muah Birthday Celebration

The first picture we took as soon as we were sat down at the table.

After dinner with my complimentary champagne. LOL! I drank all by myself.

Cam whoring in the room while he was doing his hair in the room.

Cam whoring before the surprise dinner in the living room.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Me with the GIANT CARD next to GIANT PLANT. So unromantic to give plant instead of flowers . But, it is unique. Just like me. HAHAHAH!

Baby becoming a FB whore, in front of the laptop in the room.
I came home from work at approximately 11.58 pm a few minutes prior to my birthday. I was welcomed by my hubby to be, at the door, with a big hug and a big kiss saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Then, I walked towards the living room and my housemate was singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! And it goes on, which was pretty touching. :) Excited!! LOL! And later, at about 5 minutes me sitting in front of the laptop doing my usual stuffs, MSN! My hubby asked me to go into the room to get some cigarettes because he needed one. And then I pointed to the table and said, "Nah! You blind ah? Here got so many packs!" and my housemate replied, "Excuse me, they are mine ok?"And I still ignored him until he asked me to take my shower. So I walked into room to find A HUGE POT on my bed. Wah, the flowers look so plasticy. But it lives on the soil. Why? I'll post the plant's picture tomorrow. Above are some pictures of us pre-celebrating. :) And oh yeah, there's a GIANT card next to plant.

Bridesmaids a.k.a. The Bully Geng

Here is a list of the bridesmaids that will be tormenting the hell out of the groom and his buddies. LOL! I can't wait to see what will happen on that day. Trust me, these decent girls you see below are nice but EVIL!

Main Bridesmaid : Gina Goh
She will be the main bridesmaid who is the most important of all who knows me inside out. My bestie since I was a kid. We have been friends since forever, since we were first day in Standard 1 till now. :)

Bridesmaid No. 2 : Yuen Munn
The girl that I knew since I was in Standard 4 and she is one energetic girl. I bet she will make the buddies go nuts with energy.

Bridesmaid No. 3 : Jo May
She is quiet but she is one bright little girl that can spark up some ideas. Silent ideas and killer!

Bridesmaid No. 4 : Pei-Lynn
My cousin sister who is the same age as me, who spent lots of time with me as a little girl. She was like my little sister who will company her elder sister being a bride that day.

Bridesmaid No. 5 : Kuan Kee
The hot girl in our group. She is crazy one evil chick most of the time. She is one pretty loud girl that can go nuts.

Bridesmaid No. 6 : Eunice Ooi
This lovely lady who is getting married in December. One time for the girl before she is married to her fiance, to be a bridesmaid. She is nice, but don't overstep the boundary.

Bridesmaid 7 : Bee Bee
The loud and bubbly girl among us all. She can be loud but nice at times. Giggly and funny lady!

Bridesmaid 8 : Abelyn Lim
The nutties among us all. Loud, sharp and evil at all times. No way she is being nice!! LOL!

Bridesmaid 9 : Melissa Tan
Mel is one of my good friends in Cardiff. She is very lady-like but I know that she can be evil at times.

Bridesmaid No. 10 : Rachel Lim
The girl who has the same surname as me in Cardiff. Pretty much similar character as me. But much more lady-like than me.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Some Photos of Ours

Muscle Man with my bag in front of Sfroza Castello, Milan

Muah in Milan
Roman Bath

Enjoying the sunny sun in Bath

One Night in Cardiff 2008 (Post FOS Event)

Cleaning up the junks in his car

My cool dude in his ride

Photo of us both taken by Aric Wong during Fal and Wai Cheong's Birthday Bash

Photo taken by Aric Wong during Wai Cheong and Fal's Birthday Bash

Slugging Away

Here I am slugging away in my living room waiting for my fiance to be awake but he is still dozing his sleepyhead away. We will be in town running some errands and then we will be in Gilby's to decide where we want to have our UK reception. The UK's Reception is @ Gilby's but there are two restaurants, one down the bay which is much more convenient for everyone and nearer while the other one is @ Culverhouse Cross. Then, we will finalised everything and next week will be the rehearsal for the wedding. But, we have yet finalised our psalm and prayers. Damn! I think we might just end up a bit "kelam kabut". Wish us luck then. Though, menu has been finalised in UK, wedding car has been finalised, and whilst, the invitation cards are awaiting printing and the hand bouquet and the rest of the things are pretty much sorted honestly. Nothing to be panicked about now.

Just have to sort out these following things:
1. Bridal Procession Songs
2. Songs to be played during the whole ceremony
3. Make the hand bouquets, corsages for the ceremony
4. Printout of invitation cards, menus and cards on the tables
5. Finalised the booking with the restaurant
6. See Vicar Keith for final discussion about the wedding

Friday, 20 June 2008

DIY Card for UK Wedding Reception

I made this cards myself. LOL! You tell me what you think. The cards are bought from eBay.

Muah New Dress

Front view. Don't mind the messy room! LOL!

Back view and fooling around with the camera!! LOL!

What do you think??? :) Tell me!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wedding Favours in UK

To have cupcakes to take away or a Lotto ticket? What do you think? Or not have anything at all?

Cupcakes have to be done by Aric Wong and it seems so troublesome and have to DIY even though that the cost is cheap. But for cupcakes, I again need a paper bag or box to take away. And once eaten, considered gone!

Lotto ticket (lottery ticket in case you don't know) is reasonably priced and just need to roll it up and tie it with a ribbon and ready to serve. And they might stand a chance to win some cash if lucky!

Which would you choose?

Monday, 16 June 2008

Updates of Cha, Traders Hotel Reception

Themes: Oriental
Themes Colour: Gold and Cream

While for the reception in Cha, there is going to be a twist from a total western feeling to a more oriental feeling.

Using gold as our main colour for the decorations, we will be keeping thing as minimal as usual. Most other minor things are similar as the reception in SCCC but as the ceiling is pretty low, we will keep everything as in original as in the picture. Don't want to complicate things too much as well.

But now deciding to have pralines or butter cake? We are thinking to have a big cake which we can share with the people in the place as it is few people only. But we are still thinking about it. Hubby likes the idea of having basic cakes and we can use the S-shape stand after we have view it for ourselves how does the stand looks like. But, anyways, I hope it will be all good. If we are having a real cake in this reception, we will choose pralines as our complimentary giveaways to the guests. I too like the idea of REAL CAKE rather than dummy cakes.

Flowers to use would be gaberra, lilies or roses. Depending on what would they offer and then we will decide.

Lee Ling

More Pictures of Cha, Traders Hotel

To have the tea ceremony here before the dinner starts

Entrance to Cha, Traders Hotel

Sample of main table setting

Sample view of Cha

Updates of SCCC Reception

As seen from the pictures from previous post, settings would be similar as the pictures added with little touch of my own to create a unique self.
Themes: Romantic
Colour : Cream and Beidge

Stage will be decorated with fairy lights and just our names rather than many other too fancy things. Keep thing minimal and simplified. Probably with rattan balls with fairy light circling around it to give it a touch.

While for the tables, it will be done as seen from the pictures. Choice of flowers would be white roses or lilies. Still in the midst of deciding. But further details will be decided when I am back home to see it for myself.

For the main table floral centerpiece it would be done with white roses or white lilies with candle stands around the table to give it a more romantic ambience.

For the arch, it will be a half arch filled with white roses on each half end of the arch while the branches all on top.

Flower poises will be done with white roses or white lilies. Will not be using any candle along the poise because there will be too many kids around and I do not want to be held responsible if someone burnt their hand. LOL!

Diamonds, plastic confetti are not to be scattered around because kids will destroy them or put them in their mouth. Courtesy intellectual advise from my bestie, Gina, she said then kids will throw them all around on the floor making the place looks messy.

While for confetti to be threw when we are doing the march in, will be using dried flowers, don't want the the fresh flowers go STEPPED and dirty the place. Will use coloured papers and some fresh flowers along the sides of the red carpet. Hope those kids don't play around with them. LOL!

Everything will be done to accommodate those naughty kids because they are pretty a lot of them in this reception.

Lee Ling

More Pictures of SCCC

Sample of stage view

Sample layout of the ballroom

Sample of guests' tables setting

Sample of registration table setting

Thursday, 12 June 2008

What Do You Think?

What do you think of this dress? I have a pair or ivory shoes that matches with this dress completely. Should I get it or should I just wear a cream coloured knee-length dress for the church ceremony?

UK Wedding Reception Menu

Have you ever wonder if you will be given a choice to choose what to eat on a reception that you have paid for? It might sound pretty ordinary to some people but it might not.

As Chinese's tradition, upon attending the couple's wedding, a guest will usually thank the invitation by giving a Red Envelope containing money "hong bao". Technically, you are invited, but you are not getting free food, you had initially paid for the food you are about to get but the choice of food is not yours entirely? Well, no freedom. Sad I know. We usually opt to give "hong bao" because it is much easier than cracking your brains to think what to get as wedding gifts rather than the married couple would prefer you might have in a way contribute to their reception. :) True, I would pretty much prefer that. Duh!

Anyways, this time, we are opting for two different styles. In Malaysia, we will have two separate receptions where in both receptions we have a proper Chinese 8 Course Meal. In the UK, however, we are doing a Western 3 Course Meal complete with coffee or tea. If budget permits, we might have a cake. But I doubt that will happen. Because, I think it is best keep it simple.



Home made Soup of the day
Gilby's classic Prawn cocktail with melba toast
Smoked Salmon on Waldorf salad with tomato Concass and pesto
Pan fried Calves Liver & Bacon with Duchess potatoes and a white wine, lemon & sage butter sauce
Spinach and goats cheese Frittata topped with rocket leaves & parmesan
Seared escalopes of Salmon on a creamy asparagus risotto

Main Courses

Carmarthen Rump Steak on sautéed potatoes with sauce Diane and crispy parsnips
Gilby's Fish and hand cut chips with garden peas and salad
Breast of Chicken coated with a spicy ‘Bang Bang' dressing on Cos lettuce with a choice of potatoes
Toasted Bloomer topped with Cox's apples & wild mushrooms drizzled with a lemon & chive crème fraiche and served with new potatoes
Medallions of Monk fish and homemade Gnocchi with a butterbean and red pepper sauce and garnished with deep fried Basil
Flaked Salmon & Queenie Scallops on a Pasta Nero & Watercress Salad with cherry tomatoes
and coriander pesto


Home baked fresh fruit pavlova
Vanilla and rum panacotta with fresh raspberries
Selection of cheese with biscuits
Classic baked bread and butter pudding with crème anglaise
Sticky toffee pudding with chocolate ice cream
Ice cream selection served with a crisp brandy basket

Coffee or Tea

Well, choose one from each section and choose to have coffee or tea. For kids, you will be accompanied by soft drinks (or if some adults want them it is fine) and red and white wine will be available for the adults. Your call.

I am looking forward to that reception anxiously. Of course, not forgetting the church wedding which is driving me crazy! :)

Half The Price, Half The Quality

What will you do if you have two choices?
Both will have to do the same amount of work, same amount of time, same things to be done.

Company X: Priced at RM7000.00
1 Chief Photographer and 1 Assistant Photographer
30 pages 12"X12" laminated album
20 pages 8" X 12" coffee table album
Photo Slide Show DVD
Returned original pictures edited

1 Chief Videographer:
3-5 minutes - highlights of events' coverage
3-5 minutes - MV of outdoor videography session
60-90 minutes - video duration
Journalistic and Cinematic video editing
Returned original recordings

Company Y: RM3800
1 Photographer (standard of professionalism unstated)
1 photo album (size unknown)
200 pieces of 4R photos (unsure if it will be in a proper album or not)
Returned all original photos in Hi-Resolution Format (professionally processed or not unsure)

1 Videographer (standard of professionalism unstated)
1 MTV of 5 minutes (I assume it features the highlights of the events but unconfirmed)
Methods of video editing not stated
Duration of edited video not stated
Returned original recordings

I will not reveal the company's profile as I do not want to defame anyone. Better safe than sorry. Which would you choose? Paying RM7000.00 or paying RM3800.00
You tell us to pick a choice. After confirming the details, I will post it up online again. :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Updates on UK's Wedding

Church : St. John's Church of Cardiff
Priest : Vicar Keith
Reception : Gilby's Restaurant (Midst of confirming reservation and prices)
Make Up Artist : MAC's make-up artist or The Bride, herself
Hair : The Groom
Guestlists : Still determining. Trying to make it at 50 people at most
Photographer : Sky
Videographer : Still considering to pay GBP150.00 to the church to get it done or not even though videographers are on Sky's responsibilities.
Invitation Card : DIY
Hand Bouquet : DIY
Corsages : DIY
Wedding Car Decorations : DIY

I guess there's some updates about the UK Weddings. Till then, I will keep posting. Tomorrow, I will sort the guests' list out with my brother and make it happen! It will be pretty cool to have him here again. Will sort out the guests' list with hubby, his god-brother and my god-brother as well.

Then, calling Gilby's again tomorrow and sorting it out with them to arrange to see the place and probably a free food trial on my birthday which is upcoming in three weeks' time. What do you think? I might just zoom down the the Vale of Glamorgan to check the environment out myself. Hubby's busy with his works and he has still lots to do. Interview is coming up and he is pretty nervous! But, I bet he will just do well. :)

Hubby, you know I love you a lot and I will support you all the way.

Publication Of Banns

On the 15th, 22nd and 29th of June 2008, three weeks consecutively, our announcements of banns will be made in the St. John's Church of Cardiff during their morning service which starts from 9.30 a.m. Great news! We both will be dropping in on the 22nd of June to hear it for ourselves. Hopefully, I'll get to video record it SECRETLY *hush hush* and we will post it online later.

So cool! Cannot wait for this Sunday to come. Long story short, we will be going through a church wedding in accordance with the church rules as well as the marriage law of the land. Excited with the ceremonial part but not to forget to sign the papers properly on that day! I will then send in my application to renew my visa upon returning from home in September. So excited! LOL!

Publications of banns basically means announcing our names and our intentions to get marry and to see if anyone would disagree to it. Just like in civil ceremonies, where you post your name and pictures up to see everyone in the world agrees to it. Rather, this is done in the church in accordance to your residential address. Something new and I am willing to learn all about it.

Lee Ling

Monday, 9 June 2008

Important Dates on Our Diaries

8th of July 2008 (080708)
Church Wedding and Registration of Marriage in UK

22nd of August 2008 (220808)
Registration of Marriage in Malaysia

13th of September 2008 (130908)
Bride's Reception @ SCCC, Seberang Jaya, Penang

14th of September 2008 (140908)
Chinese Cultural Wedding Ceremony
Groom's Reception @ Cha, Traders Hotel, Penang

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Participations' List

UK's Wedding

Registration of Marriage : St. John's Church of Cardiff
Reception Venue : TBC (1. Gilbys', 2. Gilbys'@Bay 3. Strada)
Maid of Honour : Michelle Ong
Best Man : TBC
Flower Girls : TBC
Paige Boy : TBC
Photographer : Sky
Videographers : Sky's crew
Pianist : TBC (1. Claire 2. Jenny)

Malaysia's Wedding

Main Bridesmaid : Gina Goh
Bridesmaids : Abelyn Lim, Saw Bee Bee, Lee Jo May, Boey Kuan Kee, Goh Pei-Lynn, Eunice Ooi

Best Man : TBC
Groom's Ushers : TBC

Photographer and Videographer : Perfect Moments
Slide-shows Presentation : Bride and Groom and Bride's Little Brother, Richard
Bridal Studio and Pre-Wedding Photography : Crystal Brides
Bride's Wedding Dresses and Evening Gowns : Crystal Brides and her own collections
Groom's Suits : Crystal Brides and his own collections
Event Coordinator : TBC
Venue Decorator : The bridesmaids, groom's ushers and friends of the both

Receptions :
Bride's Reception :
Venue : Bride's : Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Perai
Musicians : Mosaic (Featuring Dennis Lau)

Groom's Reception :
Venue : Groom's : Cha, Traders Hotel, Penang
Musicians : The Starz Band
MC : The Starz Band

One Month Before Registration of Marriage

Yeap. It is exactly one month before our registration of marriage in the UK. Yeap, same date next month, 8th of July 2008 (08-07-08) we will be legally husband and wife. Haha! Pretty excited. By tonight, we will find out if we will do it as a church wedding or just an ordinary civil ceremony. We'll see what happens next. But will keep you posted on the registration of marriage.

As for the Chinese culture ceremony and the receptions in Malaysia, it is pretty much sorted. I will post a list of Vendors List later in another post. But for now, our focus is on the registration. I bet it would be VERY NICE to have a church wedding. I am sucker for church wedding.

Lee Ling