Sunday, 4 May 2008

Life of a Household Income of GBP18000 Per Annum

GBP18000 a year is divided by 12, GBP1500 per month.
Wow! Seems a lot. But look further!!

Income Tax: GBP210
NI: GBP 100
Council Tax: GBP 100
Utility Bills: GBP50
Petrol: GBP 150
Mortgage: GBP300

I have GBP590 left for the month. How do I survive?

Groceries: GBP 200

With GBP 390 left. What about my life? My entertainment? My dining treat? My spa? My haircut? My gym subscription?

That needs about GBP 200 I assume. Means, I left GBP190 a month left. To make it further, I say GBP200.

In a year, I only save GBP 2400. No wonder, ISA (High interest account) offers me more than 4% interest rate for tax free GBP 3600. This is because I can never save more than that in a year. Smart!

By the time I spent 10 years in the workforce, probably my pay increases. My tax increases again but I probably get to save GBP50 more a month.
Assuming I get a pay rise every two years. Savings increases GBP50 a month every two years, when will I be rich?
Answer is NEVER.

See the calculation:
First two years - GBP 4800
Then two years - GBP 6000
Then two years - GBP 7200
Then two years - GBP8400
Final two years - GBP 9600
Total: GBP 36000

This is the total if I don't spend any single pence from my savings. I cannot even afford a house in cash. The best I can get is a SPORTS CAR with DECREASING MARKET VALUE.

I need to make it super huge to become a millionaire. To cut it short, I can never become a millionaire. Forget the dreams of becoming the next Sir Alan Sugar. It is just not happening if you are average in life.

Crazy Tax Rate

Hubby worked approximately 171 hours last week minus the half day leave which took 5 hours off the shelf. Each hour is GBP6, so totaling earnings of GBP 1026.

Question 1: How much did he bring home?

Answer 1: GBP 840++

Question 2: What the f*C* happened to the GBP 180++?

Answer 2: He paid GBP120++ (approximately 20% after deducting the allowance given per year)
He paid another GBP60++ (approximately 6% of total earnings) to his National Insurance (NI)

Question 3: What did the government do with his money?

Answer 3: God knows. Pay for the f*c*ed up healthcare who asked you to make an appointment one day in advance even you are hell sick and desperately in need of a doctor.
Then, they pay the unemployed who voluntarily or involuntarily made themselves unemployed. Then, they pay the old people who had worked their entire life only when they are 65. Your pension from your NI only given to you when you are 65. So, imagine, you gotta pay approximately 40 years before you get it back. At 50, you are so frail and perhaps barely could work as hard as when you were 30, but then again, less contribution to NI means, you get less pension. What can be more stupid? I think it is about time, the government review a little on their taxation law and the age of pension. Even in developing countries, pension age has been reduced to 55 I think. Does it mean that British are capable to live longer and work longer? LOL! We'll see. Obese, smokers, binge drinkers, these adds to quite a lot of HEALTHY LIVING I suppose.
Then, they say they provide you free education in grammar schools, but how many of us actually went to government supported schools? People said that private schools produce more intelligent, high-flyer kids comparing to government schools. So, why our money taken to provide second class education for our kids?
Then, you said you give us the best universities in the world for our kids. Well, true to a certain extent, but still fees is forever increasing as ever. Anyone bother doing anything?
Then, petrol price is as high as ever.

Those aren't the only taxes we pay. Then, we pay approximately GBP1000++ per year to support our local council. Well, to pay our schools, to pay our police force, to pay the bin men and the list go on. And everything we paid, standards are still way before satisfaction. So, if the standards aren't as I expect it to be, am I entitled to a discount? Answer: IN YOUR DREAMS!

Oh, even, you savings, it is only tax free for the first GBP3600. Wow! That, you call encouraging savings in the bank? I might as well secretly hide my cash underground, not earning interest, but the least I can do is to ensure that no tax is paid.

And then, my filthy rich uncle next door decides to let me inherit his diamond mine and the big mansion, here comes inheritance tax. WOW! If I sell the properties, I get taxed, because I earned from the wealth I inherited. What more can you tax??

Mortgage is increasing, groceries price is increasing, inflation is high but then, we still yet have minimum wages that can support our daily lives.

Then, our car tax. Increasing yearly, then you said we contribute to contributions, then our CO2 emissions, you tax us. And our groceries, our daily shopping, you put a Value Added Tax (VAT) on top of even the peanut I bought from Tesco yesterday. 17.5% on top on every single thing. God, bless us.

In conclusion, I don't see anything that we don't pay tax altogether. From the pork chop I bought from Tesco to the water I drink, to the land I put my feet on, up to my clothes and even my dog has a VAT on top of it. And yet, the government tells us, they have yet ENOUGH money to spend. So how much resources would you need to apparently SATISFY your BUDGET? God bless the people in Britain to have goose that lay golden eggs. Maybe, they might tax you for that? Ultimately, live on the doe, that's the best. Minimum given to ensure you live a good life not violating the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA 1998) with the support from the government. I think this would be the BEST ALTERNATIVE I see so far. GBP80 pounds a week, I don't pay any taxes at all because I don't earn at all. I don't save so I don't pay any income tax from savings, my family remains poor so I don't worry my kids paying inheritance tax. All in all, all our money goes to the government, but rarely we use it. Healthcare? Tell me about the waiting list on the line for hips replacement or whatever replacement. When will I get my hips replace, if I break mine now?

I am tired. Tired of this freaking tax. It is about time to think of a further plan. Immigration! Most people like this country for the money you get as pounds sterling is strong. But in the end, if you live here like ordinary people paying all the necessary tax, you cannot even afford anything. No wonder R8 for me remains a dream.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Mon Cheri's Dresses

I love this a lot...

Simply love this....


For the first dance.... And enjoy some freedom!

A few evening dresses of Tony Bowls that I found over the website.
There are a few collections, Gala, Paris, Tony Bowls' Evening and the list go on.

Anyways, I have yet try them on. Wait, let me see, I'll do it after the exams. I can't wait for it to be over!! Then I will get all the time in the world to try all the dresses. *SMILING IN VAIN!!*

Thursday, 1 May 2008


I was randomly searching on Google typing the word "Penang Quartet" when I landed on my good friend's YouTube videos. Well, absolutely fantastic like Simon said on Britain's Got Talent to Paul Potts when he first sang for the first audition. Same impression I had on my good friend.

But few weeks down the line, we became very good friends and we share lots of funny and stupid stories together. Things about boys, girls, bimbos and the list goes on. And now, he is my musicians for the wedding. TADAH!

This is part of the message he sent me before leaving for Singapore for his show. LOL! We share lots of things together. Though we knew each other for only some time, it feels like really long. Anyways, here goes:

XXXX said:

crushie/ babeh,
u know ,,,being a while since we last is 8.23am wed morning
and i am leaving to singapore again
for a day show only....
sorry for not being able to chat these days but i promise would be back by your side again next week..just wanna let ya know i miss ya !=)

let me know if u need anything
just sms me kk...
would be back on thurs night.

XXXXX Crushie

P/S: Crushie don't kill me if you see this. It is just so funny! LMAO!!!

Music Element

Just found some time to take my mind off exams and added a music column by the side. The polka-dotted iPod. LOL!

As you are probably listening to it right now, Hans Zimmer's Tennessee in the OST of Pearl Harbour. Absolutely love this song. It brings a lot of meanings. Especially when Josh character's name is Danny.