Monday, 28 April 2008

My Engagement Ring

Well, if you are looking for me to tell the engagement story, it would be a bit disappointing as I am not going to do that today. Just looking at it this way, if I tell you, everyone will be yawning away when the groom and the bride were speaking during the wedding. I assume it to be this way! :)
Some pictures of my engagement ring.

TADA!!!!The engagement ring together with the wedding band. Two of them sits perfectly side by side!

Top view
Side View

Well, just a basic description of the ring
Metal: Platinum
Colour: F (fair white) which is two away from the best D (exceptional white)
Clarity: VVS1 (very, very minute inclusions) just right next to IF (flawless)
Carat: 0.50

You guess the price then?!

Dinner Venues' Photos

Here are some photos of where the dinners will be held.
Here comes the bride, all dress in white, with the big back side. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures then. The panaromic view from the stage is a blur I think! Resizing it seems failed! :P

Above is a photo of the SCCC. A bit blur. Resizing failed! Entrance below of the flower arch below

The two belows are CHA, Traders Hotel. It used to be a restaurant and now that the restaurant has closed down, it has turned into a function room that is used specifically for weddings. The ceiling is too low for a stage and that's why we decide not to have any musicians. Unless we want a quartet in there. The rest, can't fit! The ceiling height is only like 2.6m

Groom's Suit Choices

I wanted an Armani or Boss suit to be honest. But spending GBP400 on a suit, I find it too pricey but I know it is worth it for the life of it. But anyhow, I will head to town's Flannel to check out on some suits to see. Ling found some of the pictures and designs I like on the net. Below.

My favourite suit. I like the style and the colour. Need to get this MTM I guess.

So, whatever colour dress Ling wears that night, I am wearing the tie colour that matches her dress colour perfectly.

Something for the day. Black or dark blue or gray would be nice.

Evening Dresses Choices

These are a few evening dresses samples. Simple ones. Have yet found some complex ones to be quoted for price for MTM yet. LOL!

Two bared-backs that I like. Ignore the colour if you hate it. But like the back design I guess. :)

Love this dress to bit. Wonder if it fits me that well?

My convenience for the first dance. I would just pay a little bit more for a fourth dress dedicated to the dance. After all, there is always a second time I wear this dress in the future. :)

Wedding Dress Choices

I like the top part of this dress. It actually looks amazing down the gown. I cannot find it again now! Damn! This was quoted approximately RM1700 to RM1900.

Heart Shape (As recommended by the tailor that would suit me. God knows!)

Empire Cut (As recommended by the tailor that would suit me. God knows!)

Confirmation of Details

Yet another day has passed. Weekend is over and time for reality check.
Here are the few details that we had confirmed for the past week since I last updated the blog.

Bride's Dinner:
13th September 2008 @ Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Seberang Jaya, Penang
Musicians: Mosaic and Dennis Lau
MC and Sound System: TBC (Some idiot events company in Penang has yet confirmed the details with me)
Decoration: Keatky, Gina, Eng Soon, Lee Ling and the rest of the bridesmaids.
Theme: Mooncake Festival

Groom's Dinner
14th September 2008 @ Traders Hotel, Penang
Theme: Mooncake Festival
Just a basic dinner with soft music background as per requested by the groom's dad.

Well, per previous posts, it was pretty sorted that my mom decide to rent a new wedding dress and two new evening dresses for me to wear on the actual day. But then, each dress are charged separately on top of the basic package (RM2300) totaling RM6000. The dresses charges itself cost about RM2300. Madness I know. I have yet canceled the plan to hire the dresses from them but I am doing some research whether to get them made to measure (MTM) myself. I am in the middle of negotiating with a wedding dress tailor in Penang. I was quoted RM1700-1900 for a complex dress that I came across through the internet. If the less complicated dress I opt for, the cheaper it would be.
Still contemplating whether to MTM or hire it. HELP!!!!
Groom wants two separate pairs of suits which if tailor-made will cost more. If I were to stick to the original package of RM6000, the groom's suit and shirts are included. Sigh! Don't know what to do now.

Anyways, that was just a quick update about my dresses, the suits and the venues. The big stuffs are sorted. Now, photography (PG) and videography (VG) is costing me a bomb to hire the professionals. Indeed, I don't know if we are still engaging the professional. Whether just to stick with friends taking a video and then get a professional photographers. Seems like everyone seems to think RM7000 for the VG and PG package is a bit extreme. Sigh! Another problem cropped up.

At the moment, the only things confirmed are:
1. Themes
2. Venues
3. Decorating Team
4. Caterers for the Bride's Home

The main issue of wedding dresses and suits, VG and PG is still in the middle of TROUBLES. That is the most I can say I guess. Everyone seems to think RM7000 is madness. What do you think?

Night is late now. Heading to bed. Probably I should seek more advices from some professional before making any decisions.
Damn! GBP 1000++ for VG and PG. How?

Mom screamed. Groom don't mind. I am confused. HELP!!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Bridal Dress and Pre-Wedding Photography Package

The invoice that I was issued when my mom did on my behalf. First inquiry is free, if you confirm and sign up, you pay RM1800.00. Damn, not even a thing done, you have taken my money. Trying out the dresses on 19th of August and pre-wedding photography on the 20th of August. Isn't it a bit rush? I guess not? Probably I'll just end up going home earlier!!

Approximately, RM6000 for the whole package? What do you think?

Confirmed Date

Date has been confirmed. It is the 14th September 2008 which is the Mooncake Festival (15th of 8th Lunar Month). Randomly, my mom told me that is the auspicious date. So well.

I know it has been dragging for a long time. But I was just too lazy to update the blog but thought that since I am doing some invitations on FB, might as well update some juicy details here regarding the wedding.

Bride's Wedding Reception: Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Penang
Groom's Wedding Reception: E&O or G Hotel, Penang (TBC)
Bridal Shop: Crystal Brides Sdn. Bhd.
Photography: JAC Photography (TBC)
Videography: My Wedding Story (TBC)
Entertainment: Mosaic (TBC)
Florists: TBC
Wedding Theme: Mooncake Festival
Guestlists: TBC
Wedding Cake: TBC with WC Law

Guess, that's about it then?

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Launch of Our New Blog


It is the launch of our new online blog. We got engaged since December and there are so much on the line to do. We have been talking about creating a blog, uploading pictures but it never did work out as we were both busy with works, studies and so on. 

Anyways, I finally did it by signing up today. Oh yeah! Gotta start featuring some of friends' blogs as well. This blog is more or less updated by both of us (doing it together) or probably separately sometimes as we both have our own complaints to do in life. 

But to start, probably I should start with wedding plans, how we met, and so on. But ain't having lots of time at the moment. But I'll still try to upload as much details as possible!