Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One Week After Being Married

I have been posting photos hell a lot of photos for the past one week. Been so busy editing the brightness, contrast and the basic things of all the photos that Sky and Aric has taken that day. I was blessed to have two skillful photographers to capture the moments of the day. I am very grateful in fact. Anyways, one week being married, the only difference is that I have an extra ring on my fourth finger of my left hand. Besides, nothing has changed much. Oh! And to have another Mom and another sister in my family, that's an addition. We live together anyway, before and after marriage, so I guess I am used to running the chores and sort things out like the way it used to be.

Anyways, thanking everyone, from Vicar Keith for all the efforts, advice given to make this wedding successful, all the staffs at Gilby's especially Arlene who had been very patient with me taking me instructions, Sky (day time photographer) and Aric (night time photographer) as well as my brother, who walked me down the aisle, and those who had attended the wedding. Thanks a zillion!

Second batch of photos from other attendees' cameras can hopefully be collected by end of this week. I hope so too and I would be able to post some up here and the rest of the album on Facebook. Please drop your messages on my chatbox if you happened to stumble across the website. And you can leave it with any names. :)


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