Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Wedding Booklet

This is a copy of the wedding booklet that were given out to the guests who attended the wedding ceremony at the church. Some of them might not have got it because we haven't got enough copies as we never thought that so many people would have turned up for the ceremony. I was grateful for all of you who attended the wedding ceremony but I apologised if you didn't get a copy during the wedding service.

And we both would like to thank Keith for the effort that she has put in into making this booklet. It was marvelous effort and a great job. Thanks!!

It was nicely typed and done in a half A4 sized booklet with a slip of the lyrics of "Amazing Grace" in the middle of the page. There were some errors with the lyrics by the end, but it was MY OWN FAULT as I printed them myself and I didn't re-check to ensure that they are all correct. LOL!

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